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G4 Affiliate Fellowship (G4AF)

Each participant will assist in, deliver and adjust a G4 Implant Procedure on their patient of record within our state-of-the-art facility. Also, attendees will be observing and participating in a several prosthetic deliveries of full arch immediate loading cases, and learn the basics of the G4 Implant Solution laboratory protocols.

  • G4 Implant Surgery – Observe how a G4 Implant Surgery is performed, and how abutments are placed

  • Biomechanics – Learn to properly adjust the G4 Implant Prosthetic Solution

  • Maintenance Protocol – Hygiene requirement and protocol for long-term success

  • Marketing and Case Presentation – Learn how to sell the G4 Implant Solution in your practice

This course is provided to practices and professionals that have made a commitment to our G4 Affiliate Program. This first-of-its-kind model, provides unlimited potential with minimal implant experience.

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G4 Master Fellowship (G4MF)

Each participant will perform the G4 Implant Procedure on more than 50 patients within our state-of-the-art facility. Trainees will become experts in all phases of the protocol. This course is for Dentists with advanced surgical skills, and experience in all areas of full-mouth restorations.

  • G4 Implant Surgery – Perform all phases of the G4 implant procedure on more than 50 patients.

  • Patient Care – Learn how to deliver the exceptional patient care, that is essential to the Golpa brand.

  • Maintenance Protocol – Hygiene requirements and protocol for long-term success, and maintaining lasting patient relationships.

  • Technology – Learn how to deliver results consistent with the Golpa brand, by utilizing advanced technology and equipment.

This course is open to experienced Dentists that have made a commitment to become an Associate at one of our G4 Implant Centers. The terms of this training agreement will be discussed upon admittance to the program.

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While many may see dental implants as an elective procedure, we believe it’s anything but.

Living with pain, discomfort, uncertainty, embarrassment. No one chooses that way of life. That’s why G4 by Golpa was created. To offer something different. Something better. A precision dental implant solution that’s much more of a reality than a dream.

By perfecting the process, we made it truly unique while making it more affordable. By being open and honest, we never oversell or over-promise. And by staying true to our word, we always deliver permanent, life-changing results in just one day.

Making this experience a little easier, and a lot better, for everyone we can is what makes us who we are—
today, and every day that we welcome a new patient to our dental implant centers.


Our Associate Doctors and Instructors have performed thousands of Full Mouth Procedures, and are certified in the G4 Implant Solution Protocols and systems.


A scientific approach, Design process, Milling process and proprietary machinery used to engineer and create superior restorations in just hours.

Patient Care

We provide Compassionate Care, Spend time with patients; listen to their needs and educate them. We Treat people with respect, and as an equal.


Because of our processes we are able to dramatically cut costs for you and your Patients. This make the procedure more attainable for more Patients

Discover The Future of Dentistry

Choose the leader, choose a facility that exclusively trains in Full-Mouth rehabilitation, choose a facility that has performed more than 6000 procedures

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